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Internationale Lichttage Winterthur 2004 blinddeutsch
blind Exhibition
blind 6. November 2004 - 30. April 2005
(Opening: 5. November, 2004, 7 p.m.)
Winterthur Museum of Applied and Industrial Art
Kirchplatz 4
8400 Winterthur

The Light-Space exhibition focusses on the qualities of light and shadow and gives visitors insight into these phenomena. The exhibits do not comprise objects, but rather demonstrate the properties and effects of light and space. Installations and experiments give the public the opportunity to learn more about lighting phenomena and understand these better by experiencing them in reality. The display will include the history of light sources – from the candle flame to luminescent foil – and will also address the topic of excess light at night. Visitors will also have the chance to walk through a living and working space, where different examples of modern lighting design solutions at different times of day are shown in fast motion.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Winterthur Municipal Works.

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