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Internationale Lichttage Winterthur 2004 blinddeutsch
blind Lighting Installations
blind 12. November - 5. December 2004
6 locations on the Sulzer site in the town of Winterthur

The Sulzer site is one of the main areas of urban development in Winterthur. A new, vibrant quarter is being developed where once turbines and diesel engines were built and shipped around the world. Today the site offers opportunities for people to work, study, live, shop and spend their leisure time. During the International Festival of Light in Winterthur a series of experimental architectural lighting design concepts will be developed and implemented on the former industrial site in a practical workshop organised by the European Lighting Designers’ Association, ELDA+. The lighting concepts will be developed and realised in workshop groups headed by international lighting designers.

On 12. November, 2004 at 8 pm the workshop installations will be officially opened in the presence of the Mayor and all those involved in the overall event. Professional visitors and the general public will then be invited to tour the sites, where the respective lighting designers will comment on their groups' concepts and work.

The workshop is open to professionals, educators and students from the field of Urban Planning, Architecture and Lighting Design.

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