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Internationale Lichttage Winterthur 2004 blinddeutsch
blind Symposium
blind November 12, 2004, 9.30 - 18.00 o'clock
Zurich University of Applied Sciences Winterthur
St. Georgenplatz 2
8400 Winterthur

Programme Flyer (PDF 261kb)

Revitalisation of Industrial Sites
International symposium organised by SLG and ELDA+

The symposium organised by the Swiss Lighting Society in cooperation with the European Lighting Designers’ Association, ELDA+ will provide a theoretical back-up to the topics and issues raised during the practical workshop resulting in the lighting installations on the Sulzer site
  • New guidelines for exterior lighting – what has changed?
  • Lighting master plan for the City of Zurich – initial findings
  • Can facade lighting substitute conventional street lighting?
  • Dynamic light – can it also be considered sustainable design?
  • Revitalisation and re-utilization of industrial sites – what role does light play?

The symposium comprises a number of internationally renowned speakers. The target audience is architects, building owners, urban planners, city officials, lighting designers and lighting manufacturers.

In conclusion to the symposium, the lighting installations on the Sulzer site will be opened for the public.

Registration Form (PDF 50kb)

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